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19th Dec/2016

In its continuous efforts to improve business efficiency, Taiyo Petroleum Gas Co., Ltd. will be restructuring on July 1, 2016. As part of this restructuring, the various Taiyo divisions, including Petroleum Gas and Zerust Anti-Corrosion Products, will be divided into separate companies under a new “Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd.” corporate umbrella.

Going forward, the gas division will operate as “Taiyo Petroleum Gas Co., Ltd.”, while Zerust and the lubricants division will operate as “Taiyo CIS Co., Ltd.”

It is our objective to use the new corporate structure to better allow our Gas, Zerust VCI/Lubricants, Sensors, and Nano Silver Technology businesses to achieve greater specialization and market penetration than was possible under the previous system.

Naturally, we remain steadfast in our commitment to grow our business, and look forward to your continued support in the future.

1st July/2016

Taiyo Petroleum Gas was separation of division or department.

Taiyo holdings established as the parent company.


Date: 19th Dec/2016